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  • The latest in high tech, fun, connected, mobile, real-time adventures!

    Perfect for venues and properties looking to offer their guests a fantastic team building or entertaining activity! Presenting 4 unique, real-time games for on the go tablet and smartphone play (ScavengEARTH, Custom Amazing Races, CSI-themed Investigations and the secret agent-style Agent 777). Featuring our patented, easy-to-use interface and seamless game play, players will marvel at how simple, fun and exciting all of these are to play. Special in-game features include: GPS tracking of all participants, real-time scoreboard updates, interactive chat capabilities, cool multimedia Challenges and so much more! Each event is fully-customizable and can be played anywhere on the planet – so co-workers, peers and even total strangers alike can play together or against each other in real-time, even from different cities. Private previews can be arranged upon request.

  • It pays to be a SeekQR! Find the QR code. Win cash!

    Coming soon to a major urban center near you – seekQR challenges you to be the first to scan the hidden QR Code somewhere in your city. No need to panic, we’re going to give you visual clues to help you out along your way (sorry – they don’t tend to unlock very quickly!). Find the code first and win a large cash prize. Didn’t find it first? No problem. Just by finishing the Quest and scanning the QR Code players still earn valuable coins. These coins can help you with future Quests to unlock photos/videos before their scheduled ‘reveal’ time and much more. Available soon in Google Play and the Apple App Store!

  • The world around you at your fingertips.

    Wherever you are, sightseekr brings custom surroundings to your users. From local dining information to interesting places to see, even custom sight seeking scavenger hunts and everything in between. Revolutionizing the way your users explore and discover the area on or surrounding your property, resort, cruise ship or any place imaginable, sightseekr brings you the most convenient and innovative way for planning and executing things to do and see on your stay anywhere, no pre-research necessary. Everything happens in real time. Do away with the traditional concierge in the hotel lobby or the flimsy paper itinerary on your cruise ship. We are Innovating the way you choose to travel and we’ll help you book and arrange all those memorable experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. All specific to the place you are staying. Whether you’re interested in travel planning, shopping, dining reservations, adventures or taking in that special event, we’ll help get you there! With our app, we can white label it for any hotel, resort, city, conference, convention, corporation or business looking to enhance their guest experiences! Tailored to suit you and your guests needs, this promises to be the most exciting new enhancement to your current services.

  • Test your smarts. Anytime. Anywhere.

    With hundreds of categories to choose from and customized categories and questions too, players can vie head to head or in a community, earn coins and rewards, all for testing their smarts anytime, anywhere. QuizQuest is a completely customizable trivia app that gives users the ability to play alone, against a friend or randomly against opponents from around the globe! With questions drawn from categories you customize with your own content (or use our thousands of included questions) your users will interact with other QuizQuesters everywhere under your unique brand. The quicker a user answers a question the more points they earn. Playing head to head gives users the chance to bet it all or just a few. A full service rewards store is a great place for your users to spend their earnings and you can add custom items too. QuizQuest, a fully functional, white labeled trivia challenge App solution.


We are a team of highly-skilled facilitators with over 20 years of experience in designing and executing interactive, fun and engaging programs and events.  It is in this spirit that we aspire to bring unique, mobile and creative experiences and solutions to both private vendors and the general public alike.  It is our applications’ abilities to be completely customized and branded for every client’s needs and locales that makes these programs truly Amazing AppVentures™!


  • What does "custom branded" or "white labeled" mean?

    When we refer to “custom branding” or “white labeling” we are referring to creating a seamless, multi-platformed experience that is tailored to look and function as if it was specifically created for you and your users.

  • Why should we "custom brand" or "white label" as opposed to building an app from scratch?

    With our “custom branded” or “white labeled” solutions we are able to take fully developed apps, ideas and back end access and skin it to reflect your corporate identity and brand(s). With our solutions you are getting a completely turn-key, cross platform (iOS and Android) solution that works, right out of the box. No testing, no bugs, no lost users, no worrying about obtaining a following. It’s all already done for you.

  • How does it work? Do I own the application?

    By licensing any of our mobile apps you are guaranteeing that you will have a stable, custom branded, fully customizable solution right out of the box. You own all of the content and all of the data you obtain from your users (pursuant to the AppStore and Google Play terms of service and our own terms of use). We will always be compliant with the most recent versions of the mobile operating systems and deploy fully tested versions for your users with your own custom skin(s).

  • Do my users need a WiFi or Mobile Data connection to use the applications?

    Your users will need to have a stable 3G, HSPA or HSPA+, 4G or LTE connection to access the content of all of these apps. Data charges are the responsibility of the end user. Cellular or WiFi is required.

  • How much will it cost?

    Costs are calculated on an individual basis depending on an organizations specific app and backend needs. We have annual and month to month plans for most of the services we offer. Please contact us for a quote and more details regarding a custom solution for your organization. 1.888.868.2386 or info@amazingappventures.com.